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A whitepaper is an authoritative document providing detailed information on a specific topic, often used to explain a technology, product, or service. Kaira's whitepaper would outline its objectives, technology, and solutions, serving as a comprehensive guide to understanding and evaluating the project's potential and offerings.
Terms of Use, also known as Terms of Service, is a legal agreement between a service provider and its users, outlining the rules, conditions, and restrictions for using the service. It clarifies user rights, responsibilities, and limitations, aiming to protect the provider and ensure a safe, secure, and fair experience for all parties.
A Privacy Policy is a legal document that informs users how a company or organization collects, handles, stores, and shares their personal information. It outlines the data gathering practices, data usage, and user rights, ensuring transparency and compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA.
A Cookies Policy is a disclosure document that explains a website's use of cookies and similar tracking technologies. It informs users about the types of cookies used, their purpose, and how they affect user experience. The policy also typically includes instructions for managing cookie preferences, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
A Legal Disclaimer is a statement that limits a company or individual's liability by clarifying the scope and limitations of the provided information, products, or services. It aims to protect against potential legal claims and reduce risks by explicitly stating that the content might not be fully accurate, up-to-date, or universally applicable.
A Risk Disclosure is a statement that highlights potential risks associated with an investment, product, or service. It informs users about possible financial, legal, or operational hazards they may encounter, ensuring transparency and helping users make informed decisions while acknowledging and understanding the uncertainties involved.